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The owners of Fine Acres Estate are three families, the Days, the Indelicatos and the Chizens. It is a collaboration between Australians and Americans to give you an authentic taste of both cultures. 

Chris and Sandy are the Australian family and are committed to the Barossa and its heritage. They wish to provide local families, international families and friends with the best that Australia's greatest wine region has to offer. 

Chris and Mache, Jay and Citrea and Bruce and Gale are the American families who have fallen in love with the Australian wine regions and their incredible wine offerings. 

These families are all involved in global wine industry and wish people to responsibly enjoy the wines of the Barossa. 

The property was originally acquired in late 2016 for the express purpose of renovating a vineyard in the Vine Vale region of the Barossa Valley. Grapes have been growing in this area since the 1840s and the property had been in the ownership of one family since the first arrival in this area. 


While restoring the 28 hectare vineyard that features 1889 Shiraz vines mixed with old Grenache and recent Shiraz and Cabernet plantings, we discovered the hidden gem that was to become the Fine Acres Estate homestead. 

Since early 2019, it has been a love affair to restore this traditional Barossa homestead that dates back to the 1870s. Almost all work on the property has been carried out by local Barossa based artisans and tradesmen. Fine Acres Estate is dedicated to supporting the local community where possible.

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